About us

Apollo Sauce Factory was originated by two great friends (Dante and Jesse) , with the love of cooking for and hosting others.Our sauces are vegetable based which allows them to possess earthy flavors rather than vapid vinegar sauces. If you crave a sauce with solitary flavor, our products are just that. Each product is created with an unexampled union of peppers, spices and/or fruits, resulting in very unique and distinctive flavors that we are confident you will enjoy. Our sauces have enough flavor to make bland food taste good, and good food taste great. Try some today and let us know what you think.

Dante brings many different talents to Apollo. Dante is a Jack of most trades, but a Master of all things cooking and creating new flavors. His precision in the kitchen is unmatched. Dante loves brainstorming and creating unique sauces, rubs, marinades, and spice combinations. Each new creation is delicious on the first try, but Dante’s sophisticated palate allows for him to perfect each new taste by the second cooking. 

Previous to Apollo, Jesse has had jobs that took him across the country, where he was exposed to several different ways of cooking and seasoning foods. Jesse brings a love of these different styles and flavoring to Apollo in addition to his cravings for all things hot! Jesse believes that there are so many hot sauces on the market, but most taste so similar, focusing mainly on the hot and not the sauce. He believes that anyone who tries any one of Apollo sauces will immediately taste the difference in quality and taste, and will become a loyal follower.


Dante & Jesse are excited to bring to you our four initial sauces, but also have several more creations that are guaranteed to please any food lover, no matter how picky or sophisticated. In fact, Dante and Jesse have perfected a few new sauces that will be available in the near future, in addition to some new ones that they are still fine tuning. Each weekend is a new experience, as Dante & Jesse’s favorite thing to do is to cook and eat! Stay tuned to our website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, to stay up to date with all of their exciting new news!